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Possibly The Most Iconic Place in the World for an ArcticStore Container

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Where’s the most unusual place you think you could find one of our ArcticStore containers? While our containers typically find their home in and outside warehouses, we recently spotted one in one of the most iconic places in Sydney - the Sydney Harbour Bridge!



Built in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge sees over 200,000 cars, 3,000 buses, 200 trains, 3,000 pedestrians, and 2,000 cyclists safely across the Parramatta River, connecting the CBD with the north shore.


An Arctic Storage Solution for Any Location


sydney harbor bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest of its kind - the arch alone spans half a kilometre and rises to a height of 134 meters. Upon its opening, thousands of people came out to stand before the towers our ArcticStore unit now sits in front of for the grand opening, after which there was a parade, carnival, gun salute, and fireworks after sunset.  

The ArcticStore refrigerated container comes in a range of sizes, and the unit here is our smallest unit at 10ft. These containers maintain consistent temperatures of -40C to +45C, depending on your needs. Our refrigerated containers are available for hire from depots globally and including in Australia. They provide effective and safe storage for any item that needs to stay at a consistent cool temperature, over both the short and long term. Immediate supply is possible from our depots in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. 

As you can see from this ArcticStore location, this mobile coolroom really can be placed anywhere! All you need is an area of flat dry land/hard-standing within reach of a power supply, and your goods will be kept in pristine condition. Our refrigerated containers can also be raised and stand on support legs 

Sydney Bridge Arcticstore2

Our ArcticStore units are used within the food supply chain and catering industry, pharmaceutical industry, engineering industry, and universities. If being used in a residential area, we also offer noise-reducing acoustic cabins to help keep noise pollution to the absolute minimum.   



Refrigerated Containers Without Limits  


Our ArcticStore units will go with you wherever they need to go, ensuring you always have the technology you need to offer your clients the best quality products. If a 10, 20, or 40ft reefer container doesn’t suit your needs, we also offer our new modular cold storage rooms, portable blast freezers, and our Arctic Ultrafreezer, which keeps consistent temperatures of between -40C and -75C.  

With TITAN Containers ArcticStore refrigerated containers, you can throw many of the logistical limitations you often need to work around. Whether you’re catering for a large event or cold-testing products, our containers will offer you unrivalled consistency and mobility. To find out more about the Arcticstore reefer containers, click here.

Our cold storage solutions might be the perfect fit to your needs!

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